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Mistakes that Will Kill Your E-commerce Business Instantly

With the dawn of advanced technology in information, goods transaction no longer requires the sellers and the buyers to be in the same region. The items can be distributed worldwide, which allows a small store in Oklahoma to sell their goods to someone in Australia. And those are some depictions of how e-commerce business works.

If you want to deal in e-commerce field, and you think you already know the basics, then this article is for you. We are going to discuss the common mistakes in the e-commerce business.

Overconfident with the resource

ResourcesThere are two options when a person builds an e-commerce store. First, one can join with the big names in e-commerce platforms. Second, one can create his/her page.

E-commerce platforms facilitate small shop owners with high traffic, shipping, customer care, and security. If you join with one, you do not need to allocate your resources for marketing and customer care. This upside is important for you to acknowledge because getting on top on the Internet is seriously not an easy process. For instance, to appear on the first page on Google, you need to meet some requirements, such as good reputation, secured transaction, good customer reviews, etc. Trying to achieve them alone will make you spend most of your resources for digital marketing, which is not a cheap task to do.

Therefore, you must be clever with your resources. The most taken decision among novice e-commerce owners is to allocate the funds only for production. If you are still not sure on this subject, you can try joining online courses on e-commerce. Look for 2018 news, updates and full review to make your business always be ahead of the others. Competition is very tough in e-commerce, and it is a factor that you should always bear in mind.

Unresolved disputes

call-center-2537390_1280In many cases, a newly established store will first undergo the deficit cycle, and then they will find themselves in the comfort zone, and lastly, they will get to the peak of sales. The first and second cycle is not an instant business killer. If you experience deficit, you can always patch your funds, and you can continue. If you are already in the comfort zone, with a stable sales curve, you only need to keep everything in maintenance. But believe it or not, the crucial cycle is the third one.

When you are at the peak of sales, you also have gained a lot of exposures, and you will be most likely to get overwhelmed. Customers orders will flood your system, and the chance for you to have a dispute in a transaction will increase ten folds than ever.

And in the scenario is when thinking of customer care in advance will show its significance. If you are already joining a platform, you might not be worried for you have already got the problem covered. But if you are an independent site, then you can start from the very beginning to employ customer care from an outsource company. They will handle your disputes and report to you the customer’s behaviors.

Lack of sales program

Price CutNo matter how exclusive your products are, if you rarely launch a sales program, you would not attract visitors. Online shoppers are very consumptive, so you must not be afraid of having a big sales program. It is better to sell your goods fast and keep the economy flowing than opt to wait for the best deal that gives you maximum profit.

Place yourself as a buyer and see if you want to make a transaction in your store. If you’re going to sell, think like a buyer. By then you shall see how a sales program itself is a marketing strategy.


Choosing a Facebook Ads Agency

Advertising your business through Facebook is one of the best strategies to get a lot of customers. Studies show that billions of people are active on this social media platform and therefore, you can get a share of this market. It is like the whole world has been brought to your office or home, and all that is left is for you to pick out the people that you can sell to. Indeed, most of the thriving global businesses owe their resurgent success to social media. With Facebook, one of the ways you can get to these people is through the creation of ads. These are the small snippets that will appear on their timelines whenever they are checking out stories from their friends. The ads will tempt them to click through, and end up on your website or whichever campaign that you have created. Here is how to choose one.

How do they design the ads?

The design of these ads matters a lot. You need to know how the agency comes up with advertisements. Right from the choice of wording, pictures, graphics, videos, and any other tools that they use, they should be able to bring more people to your website. This is because the purpose of an ad is to capture the attention of the reader and if they do not like it, they will not even bother to know what it is about. You should make sure that nobody resists the urge to click on your ads.


How many people can ads reach?

After creating ads, the agency has to make sure that it reaches the desired people. Facebook has many ways to determine how to reach these people. For instance, you may choose to select a specific region. You also may choose to show the ads on pages that have specific niche information. It is the task of these agencies to sect the one that will bring you more customers. If they do not have any idea where your potential customers are, there is no way they can assure you that they will even come up with the right ads in the first place.


What is the likely click-through rate?

It is important to have an idea about the click-through rate of the ads after they go live. This is the point where you start seeing the benefits of Facebook advertising. It would be a total waste of time to create ads and display them to billions of people only to find out that nobody is clicking on them. This goes back to the creative process too. A good company conducts regular research to understand the kinds of ads that people often click on and therefore, you can always be sure of a higher ROI.

When looking for a company to create Facebook ads, you also should know their budget. Some companies charge affordable rates, but others are quite expensive. Your choice depends on what you can afford.