Dress Collection

Customizing Your Wear to Get a More Personal Style

The most amazing thing that has happened in the 21st Century is how portable and handy everything has got. Sophisticated gadgets have become smaller. And what used to be a monopoly to the big industries, just recently found their ways into individuals’ hands, including fashion.

Individuality in fashion did not get realized as it appeared to us. We are all always fixated on a particular designer’s creation and a specific brand. But that is perhaps due to the unavailability of customizable wear. The production means was a privilege to people with a big budget. As a result, Individuality in fashion was a myth, because we are all wearing what has been mass-produced by the industry. But now, fashion has shifted to its newest form.

Acquiring the Benefits of Printing Service


Printing Your Own DesignPrinting service has impacted fashion industry. And we are not talking about the high-end fashion that only takes place in fashion shows, but the casual ones, the shirts that people wear on the street. Technology in screen printing has made a home-scale T-shirt Printing possible. With only $6 per shirt, you can print your design on the shirts, but usually, with the minimum order in dozens. Digital printing technology also finds its way to T-shirt logo printing industry. With Printers designed for fabrics, digital printing services offer faster service than the screen printing.

If you have an artistic talent, you can gain the benefit of the printing service. First, publish your artwork and see how many people are enthusiastic. Then, you can predict how many people want your work on shirts and starts producing them.

Not only for business, but printing service can also contribute to your love life. Surprise your lover with a pair of couple tees. You can either draw the logo by yourself or have a professional from Fiverr work for you.

The 3D Printers

3D Printed Dress on Display3D printing technology is still green, yet economists and tech experts have all predicted how 3D printing will drastically change the way we manufacture things. But in fashion, 3D printing has found its most practical use.

3D printers allow well-articulated and complex designs get materialized. So far, the name of the fashion company that has experimented with 3D tech is VOJD Studios. Based in Berlin, the company creates unearthly accessories which were impossible to manufacture without 3D printing technology. They have an Instagram account, @vojdstudios, in case you want to check their products immediately.

Custom shops for formal wear

Formal SuitIf the idea of eccentricity does not appeal you, you can opt for customizable formal wear on online custom shops. Our body shapes are unique and different from one person to another. As a result, mass-produced outfits rarely satisfy most people. The so-called universal size is more like the product of a one-size-fits-all paradigm. Only those who have the similar body type like the fashion models can fit with the mass-produced products. Here are the selected sites which handle custom formal wear orders: Black Lapel, Proper Cloth, iTailor, J.Hillburn, den.m.bar.