Important Tips on How to Care for a Dog

It is a common saying that a dog is man’s best friend. Surprisingly, many people do not quite know how to care for a dog. The dog’s health and general happiness must be given top priority when caring for a dog, as these determine its moods and its behavior in and outside the house, which should be an important point of concern, both for the experienced pet parent and for the first time adopter.

Here are a few tips on how to care for a dog


ertyujghfgThe first thing that one must consider before getting a dog is its shelter. Are you going to let it live in the house with your family or will you construct a dog house out in the front yard? It is important to provide a warm and quiet place for your dog to rest, and not to let it sleep on the floor or close to the drafts. If you choose to keep your dog in the house, it would be ideal to keep it in a training crate or a dog bed. Provide a pillow and a blanket to cover it, and ensure that these are cleaned regularly. If you keep your dog outdoors, make sure that it has a dog’s house with a proper warm blanket and pillow. It should also have ready access to cold water and shade in the summer.


Dog’s in different stages of growth have different feeding habits. Puppies under 12 weeks old should be fed at least four times each day, while those that are six months old should be fed 3 times in a day. Those that are between 6 months old and one year should be fed two meals per day. After its first birthday, a dog can feed once in a day and still be okay. To avoid bloating, however, the single meal is divided into two meals of lesser quantities. Premium food qualities and high quality branded foods are often the best to buy for your dogs and puppies since they are manufactured with the canine pets’ health and well being in mind. Remember always that dogs are carnivores and can eat even their puppy’s placenta which should be discouraged according to Dr Root Kustritz, specialist in animal reproduction (Source). As such, meat products are always a treat to them, and fruits and vegetables not so much so, however much you may like them yourself.


Dogs are very active and curious animals. It is of utter importance that you keep your dog busy and create an active exercise routine, lest it gets boring and develops destructive behavior. Further, exercise helps the dog stimulate its mind, burn calories, and attain high levels of mental and physical health. The amount and intensity of exercise will be informed by the breed of the dog, its age, sex and level of health.ergtyhtr


Always be keen on your dog’s cleanliness, as this is paramount for its peace. Check for lice and fleas under the fur during the warm weather, especially if you take it on regular exercise. Also, make sure to brush its teeth often to avoid shedding. Dogs do not need to be bathed regularly, often just a few times in a year.