A Review Of The Best Everyday Carry Flashlight

Everyday carry flashlights, or EDC flashlights come in handy almost on a daily basis. Whether it if finding your way to that corner of the compound with a poor lighting or tightening the lose car battery terminals, these flashlights are essential parts of life. It is good to own one which is convenient according to your judgment. Some people may need a waterproof one while others need it small and portable. Another may need it to have very durable casing while to another that is not an issue.

A review of everyday flashlight

What to check for

If you make a choice to buy an EDC choose well and do not compromise on any feature that you need most on a daily basis. To help readers to make a choice below is a list of some of the top rated everyday carry flashlights and their features.



It is no doubt that LED flashlights have proved the market that they are heroes in light production and energy efficient. This flashlight happens to be lucky to use this excellent technology. With CREE LED technology the flashlight can give up to a maximum of 1000 lumens of light, which is a quite impressive performance. To compliment this, the bulb technology is created to last for long which makes it one of the best flashlight out there. Powered by 18650 series rechargeable battery one can be sure not to get disappointed by this piece. This combination of features do not sound cheap and just to confirm, this flashlight offers value for money, indeed.

Surefire P2X Fury

With military grade feature, this flashlight will be more than willing to deliver some quality service. The police and army do not settle for any below average lighting gadgets. The flashlight offers bright beams of light of more than 800 lumens and it is durable which makes it more than just an ordinary flashlight. The casing is shockproof which offers protection against shock during your daily use. It has a unique reflector to offer the best quality beam, and the glass can handle pressure and fall.


Streamlight Pro Tac

If you are looking for a flashlight not to burden you with weighty and bulky options, then the pro tac is the excellent option to pick. It equally offers bold beams of light from the C4 LED technology. It has a pen cap clip to carry around easily and amazingly the flashlight has a long time to serve you before you declare it invalid.